AW Rocket Oboe

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Get more people playing the oboe!
Now is the time to introduce people of all ages to the oboe! Lets break out of the ‘niche’ category!

These days children are starting the oboe at a younger age. And adults who have long heard the oboe’s expressive plaintive call beckoning them want to play as well!

Introducing the Rocket! The Rocket is a simple Conservatoire style oboe that is designed to produce the oboe’s wonderful sound without the extra weight and extra cost of all those keys! Pared back to the basics, the Rocket will let you play all the famous tunes with a minimum of fuss. Using a standard oboe reed and incorporating a standard body design, the new Rocket-playing oboe student will “take off like a Rocket!”

Currently available in ‘Rocket’ or ‘Rocket +‘ models. Semi-automatic octave keys as standard. Body material is user-friendly ABS synthetic. All Rocket models are supplied in a case with case cover, reed case, cork grease and pull-through.

AW Rocket oboe (Model 101SC) features:

  1. Simplified robust keywork with extensions to finger buttons to assist students with small hands
  2. Light weight and trouble-free ABS body
  3. Full chromatic range for 2 and a half octaves from low C to high G
  4. Uses standard Conservatoire fingerings
  5. Uses standard oboe reeds
  6. Comes in a quality case with case cover with reed box and accessories
  7. Ideal for use in early exams and educational settings
  9. 1 year warranty
  10. Kids love them!
  11. Adults love them!


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