AW Regal Oboe

Continental style. The Regal is designed to produce the dark, covered sound favoured in contemporary European Conservatories and concert halls. Combining a homogeneous timbre throughout the range, the Regal offers a stability of pitch without limiting flexibility or colour of sound.

The Regal is currently only offered in semi-automatic configuration. Gold plated key work is available on request.

AW Regal oboe features:

  1. Full Gillet Conservatory system with 3rd octave key i.e. FULL PROFESSIONAL CONSERVATOIRE SYSTEM with semi-automatic octave keys. Plus: Double resonance key on bell, adjustable thumb rest
  2. Body in seasoned Grenadilla wood
  3. Metal tenon socket linings and tenon protectors
  4. Robust nickel silver keys with thick silver plating
  5. Undercut tone holes
  6. Narrower bore than Imperial model for a ‘dark’ Continental sound
  7. Supplied in classic style wood/leather case with synthetic case cover
  8. Sharper low register than Imperial model
  9. Excellent stability and ease of playing in an orchestral setting
  10. 1 year warranty

What is the difference between the Imperial and Regal?


  • The tone holes for low D and low C are positioned higher on the bottom joint
  • The bell has a special key with 2 adjusting screws. There is a link from the low B key to the bell key to open the bell vent pad ( the lowest pad on the oboe bell) for low B as well as low Bb. Most oboes only open the bell vent for low Bb. ( like the Imperial). Please note: this is the same as Marigaux oboes and Josef (Japan) oboes.
  • The Regal has an adjustable thumb rest
  • The Regal has a more expensive looking case (snakeskin pattern leather)
  • The Regal has narrow undercutting of the tone holes
  • The Regal has a narrow bore


  • The imperial is a full professional model oboe like the Regal, except it has a standard bell key
  • The key work system is a full Conservatoire system (like the Regal)
  • The bore is a fraction wider than the Regal
  • The undercutting of the tone holes is steeper (wider) than the Regal
  • Both oboes are made of the same sourced African blackwood (from German supplier)
  • Both oboes have keys made from the same materials and the same silver plate